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Confined Space Services

Sound Environmental Associates’ primary focus is the health and safety of our clients and our employees. We take pride in preparing and training all of our technicians to ensure that they can effectively monitor and recognize hazards in the work area and respond appropriately to unsafe atmospheric conditions. We also have a Honeywell certified repair technician on staff to repair and maintain all of our equipment. When it comes to providing health and safety, Sound will provide peace of mind on your next Confined Space project.

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Hazardous Air Monitoring

We utilize the RAE Systems’ Multi-Rae five (5) gas meter with Photo Ionization Detection (PID) for hazardous and confined space monitoring and real-time VOC monitoring in communities and the worksite. The MultiRAE is a highly versatile instrument that fits a diverse range of project needs. Our expert technicians are always focused on the safety of your workers.

Confined Space Monitoring

Sound provides Confined Space Supervisors and Attendants to oversee the safe entry and monitoring of your confined space projects. We are experts in monitoring permit and non-permit conditions in confined spaces, maintenance holes and other work environments. Our technicians are proficient in recognizing hazards in confined spaces and ensures the space is safe before entry.