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Bringing Sound Solutions

to Your Business Environment

Sound Environmental Associates brings innovative solutions to managing your environmental programs. A reliable, trustworthy company with over 30 years of experience providing safety and environmental services to a diverse client base. We employ 48 highly trained professionals, including Professional Engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Certified Safety Professionals. We strive to protect every worker in any environmental situation—from gas detection, confined space monitoring, noise monitoring industrial hygiene monitoring, community air monitoring, plan development, and Safety services. Our vast array of services supports businesses, schools, and companies within the public and private sectors. Call us today and find how we can help with your safety and environmental needs.

At Sound Environmental Associates, we take pride with creating a partnership with clients by offering time-sensitive innovative solutions and services to manage environmental issues. We provide a robust support system using the latest technologies with a highly trained staff for various safety, sampling, and monitoring services. We believe in protecting workers in all environmental situations, from gas detection to providing safety personnel. Our mission is to create a balance of quality, service, safety, and compliance to protect workers and the environment every day.


Industrial Hygiene Assessments and Monitoring

At Sound, we provide cost-efficient targeted solutions for all workplace exposure requirements. Our team of professionals includes two Board-Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), with over 35 years of experience performing chemical and physical evaluations of construction sites, commercial buildings, schools, and homes. The assessments include an on-site review of chemical and physical hazards, such as noise and radon. Based on these evaluations, we create customized sampling plans to remediate the impact of chemical contaminants in the air, water, and soil.

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Moisture Evaluations and Mold Air Sampling

Sound has extensive experience with investigating water intrusion events. From a window leak to a significant flood, we find the quickest, cost-effective solution to avoid disruptions.

We offer the following services:


Building owners, owner’s representatives, construction managers and general contractors utilize Sound’s site specific planning and implementation skills for their environmental planning, sampling and monitoring need. Sound’s knowledgeable staff provides monitoring during new construction, abatement, renovation and demolition activities.